Hey, welcome to The Machine Show website.

First up let us tell you what we are all about in a nutshell. We are a vintage motorcycle camp-out weekend get-together for folks of all ages, all motorcycle marques, all motorcycle styles. We are a family based event and our hope is that we can bring together riders and their machines from all walks of life, all over Australia, hopefully even the world via our social media network and celebrate the amazing life that anyone can have when they become involved in motorcycles.

We all know how addictive motorcycles can be, and you will hear many stories about how a motorcycle, or motorcycles have become rooted in the soul of riders over the last hundred or more years. Some riders spend their time off road, some riding over the world’s mountains and valleys, some racing, some in their workshops, sheds or garages collecting parts and building motorcycles, but one thing is for certain, when you open your heart to motorcycles and a life surrounded by them and other riders, friendships are forged, amazing experiences are had and life is more full. Well that’s how we feel about it anyway and its the reason we have created The Machine Show.

We plan to grow The Machine Show over the next 5-10 years into one of the best shows on the Australian and hopefully world motorcycling calendar. We expect to be still doing this show (if the motorcycle gods are willing) 20 years from now. We are here for the long road, you know the one, with all the twists and turns that you never want to end. We are dedicated to keeping the show motorcycle oriented first and foremost, and to provide a safe, family based event for all ages. If you are into vintage motorcycles (any style/any marque, and that means pre 1989 next show), or if you think you would like to learn more about being a vintage motorcycle lover/rider then please feel free to contact us and come along for the weekend. If you don’t have a vintage motorcycle this show is still for you too. You don’t need to leave your bike parked on the street, we want you to bring it into the campgrounds and tell us why you ride the bike you do. Your bike may be 30 years and older in a few years and will be the vintage-eligible bike of the future.

If you don’t find the information you need here, email us at [email protected] and we will try to answer your query. We don’t do this full time, so it may take a day or two to get back to you. We post on our Instagram account all the time and watch that closely, so you can message us through there also. We post across to Facebook via the Instagram account, but we don’t engage with Facebook much at all so best try the other avenues. Have a read through the “About” page if you want to get into some detail of what we are all about on our weekend.

As you probably already know, the 2019 Show is scheduled for Friday, March 29 to Sunday, March 31. Gates open Friday lunch and most people are headed home by lunch Sunday. What this means is that we are a two day and two night event. If you are here to buy a weekend camp pass, or weekend camp pass/T-shirt bundle hit the menu at top right and head to “shop” or “tickets“. Day passes will be sold at the gate and concession passes with proof of concession on the day. Day passes will mean no camping. So if you have other accommodation arranged just buy a day pass if you like on the saturday when you come for the day.



The Show is a camp-out weekend for both Friday and Saturday nights. We have proper bathroom facilities with toilets and showers, food vendors, a beautiful campground with firebins and firewood for sale so that everyone can have a great camp set up and be comfortable around a fire with their friends and family. The centre stage of our weekend is the static “show and shine” display all day Saturday. The arena gate opens at 8am and all bikes pre-1988 are eligible to enter and be judged. We are into ALL motorcycles in ALL levels of condition, so bring your bike along and put it in the arena. This year we are adding a few new elements to the show. The 2019 Bike Build Competition that has 36 entries, and the Mini-Machine Build comp for under 13s. We also promote selling parts or bikes over the weekend, so anyone that wants to bring parts along just set up shop at your campsite. In other words, an informal swap meet, but please, motorcycle parts only, no car parts or bric-a-brac.


Last year there were rides organised to and from the show. Guys and girls rode from Victoria, Sydney, Queensland and pretty well all over NSW. If you are organising a ride and are taking a couple of days to get to Braidwood and home, and want to ride with others, send usa message and we will let others know so that they can join you along the way. At the Machine Show it doesn’t matter what you ride…as long as you ride. All motorcycles and their riders are welcome. Our show is about motorcycles and friends getting together around a campfire, enjoying the country and our local town Braidwood that has so much to offer. We hope to see you at the show this March and please be careful riding to and from the event, we really promote safety throughout the weekend and do our best to ensure the Braidwood Showground is a safe place for all adults and children to visit.

Thanks Everyone.